Welcome to your virtual farm. This is a browser based game, which means you do not have to download it or install it to start playing. It is recommended to use the latest version of Flash Player and the latest browser version to get the best game experience. The game could be played by just about anyone who wants to become a virtual farmer. Young children may need assistance as it could be quite challenging as a management game.
The game is turn based and a new turn happens every 24 hours. At the top of the screen you can see the hours left before the new turn. The change of turn happens at a fixed time depending on which server you are on. So in other words you will have farm work everyday! Just like real farmers, you will have to take care of your livestock, manage your crops and if you are good enough you will be able to make your own cheese, wine, ham and many more farm products.
When you are registered, you can start playing immediately. Just log on, wait for the game to load which may take a few moments depending on your internet connexion speed. When everything is loaded, it is time to learn about navigating around your farm.