Quality, freshness, expiry and aging

Your farm may produce a wide variety of items from the simple wheat to more complex items like smoked ham. You can view the list of items you possess by either going to the Market or viewing your Inventory. At the beginning of the game you will mainly produce basic items like chicken eggs and cereals. Most produce in the game has a quality rating and an expiry rating. As explained in the previous chapters quality of your produce influences its value and it goes from a scale of 1 to 7 stars. The higher the number of stars the more money you will get by selling the item.

Quality of Livestock or Crop Quality of produce
less than 20 1 star, Low Quality
between 20 and 39 2 star, Mediocre Quality
between 40 and 59 3 star, Medium Quality
between 60 and 79 4 star, Good Quality
between 80 and 89 5 star, High Quality
between 90 and 94 6 star, Very High Quality
above 94 7 star, BEST Quality

mission item
endurance rating

The expiry rating depends on the produce itself. An egg has an expiry rating of 12, which signifies it will expire in 12 turns. Some products have higher expiry rating like Wheat which has 48 turns until it expires. Expired items will disappear from your inventory and may sometimes be recuperated as Organic Waste that could be used to fertilize your crops without polluting the land. Freshness is just a representation in percentage of the turns left before expiry. A mission item on the market or in your inventory will have a mission symbol. Some produces like wine or cheese needs to go through a maturing process. Unless this process is achieved, it would sell for a fraction of its price. A product that is maturing is often accompanied with a symbol.

Endurance and food

Some produce like fruits, cooked food from your kitchen and drinks from the brewery could be consumed to regenerate endurance during the current turn. On the market, a produce that has an endurance rating is consumable by your farmer or employees. To see what is eatable in your inventory, click on the Eat Food button in the main menu. High quality food will yield more endurance.

Regrouping and mixing items

On some occasions, you will need to regroup or mix some items of the same type. For example, if you have some animal feeds of the same quality but of different freshness and that you need to mix them together in order to feed your livestock. To mix items of the same type and quality, open up your Inventory interface, click on a product of a certain quality then click on another that you want to group with. The resulting product will gain the lowest freshness of the selected products. Note that maturing/aging products could not be mixed and mission products mixed with market bought products will cancel the mission item.