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To become a good farmer you will have to manage your crops and livestock. As you can see, you start out with a chicken coop with two chickens, a male and a female. The animals have to be fed and watered everyday. Animals outside of the coop will find their own food but you still have to give them water.
To feed your chickens, click on the coop and open up the action menu. Click on the feed button and your chickens will be fed for the day. If your chickens don't get any food for 3 turns straight they will not survive. So make sure you feed them every turn.
Click on the water button to give them water. Not giving them water for three turns straight would be fatal to your chickens. You will have to give them water every turn.
Tips If your animals are not fed and watered, they will not produce anything the next turn.
If the hen has laid some eggs you will be able to see the Collect Eggs button, click on it to collect them. The eggs will be transferred automatically to your storage. The number of eggs to collect depends mainly on how many hens you have.
If your coop is dirty, the Clean Up button will appear. Click on it to clean up your coop. A certain amount of hay will be used.
Tips You do not have to clean every single turn. Cleaning a very dirty coop could yield Manure, an organic fertilizer for your crops. But beware a very dirty coop attract parasites and sickness!
If the number of chickens does not exceed the maximum population of your coop, you can breed them. Click on the Breed button. If successful a chick will be born in a few turns. If it doesn't work, you will have to wait for the next turn to reuse the Breed button.
If you cannot wait you can purchase extra chickens with the Buy Livestock button. It is rather expensive at the beginning of the game so it may be better to breed your livestock.
If you run out of feed, click on the coop or barn as usual, and click on the change feed button. If you do not have an alternative feed for your animals, you can use hay as fodder. You can make extra feed in your silo, click on your silo and click on the use button, from there you will have to select a feed recipe and make sure you have enough ingredients.
Now, on to the crops. Click on an exploited land in front of your storage silo or the ones around your house. If you see a Buy Land button that means you are not on the right piece of land. Remember you have 3 un-exploited pieces of land. When you get it right you will see a Till button. Click on it to till the land then click on the Seed button. A menu will appear showing the different type of crops you will be able to plant. Now here is the tricky part...what crop to plant?
It all depends on the game's season when you registered. Each season has different temperatures, available sunlight, winds...but the most important is the ideal growth temperature of the crop you want to plant. To see details of the crop you want to plant, move your mouse cursor over one of the seeds and wait a second or two. The statistics of the crop will appear showing its minimum and maximum ideal growth temperature among other vital data. You will have to pick a type of crop that has a good or very good growth. Temperatures will change so you will have to find the right crop for the right time.
Tips Some farm produces have a bonus sales price depending on their demand on the market. Check the Price Variations in the Market and take advantage of these price bonuses to earn extra money.
Note that if you run out of feed for your animals, planting cereals like wheat, corn, alfalfa or oats would be a good idea then again it depends on the temperature. Cereal crops are cheap to sow and are essential for your livestock, so when you begin to game it is wiser to plant these crops. If the temperature is not ideal, the crop will hardly grow, so make sure you pick the right one. To make feed, select your storage silo and click on Use Facility. Select the type of feed and enter your ingredients (when you begin the game you should have some wheat in your possession).
After seeding, you will have to water your crops, click on the Water button. You will have to water when necessary and make sure the humidity level does not drop to 0 if not you may loose yield at harvest time. When it rains you might not need to water, but maintaining the humidity level of the land at its maximum will greatly help the crop to grow. To check the humidity level of a piece of land, click on the plot of land and either press the 'i' key or click on the 'i' button. If the temperature is good, if your crop don't contract a fungus or pests, your plant will grow until harvest time in a few turns.
Tips Check the yellow maturity bar (just under the growth bar) to have an idea when to harvest.
If you collected some eggs you can go to the market to sell them and make some money. Go to the main menu and click on the Go Market button, click on Fresh Products and sell your eggs. All your farm products could be seen at the market. Each product has a quality rating and a freshness rating. The quality goes from one star to 7 stars, the more stars the better. Better quality products have more value and you will get more money from its sales. When the freshness rating reaches 0, the product is considered expired or bad. It will automatically disappear from your storage. So it is better to sell your products early.

Tips Any batch of 20 expired products or more has a chance of transforming itself into Organic Waste, another organic fertilizer.
After selling the eggs you are actually done with the Starting Guide. On each and every turn, just make sure your animals are fed and watered, and the ground humidity for your crops are adequate. In a few days you will start making a bit of money from your harvest and or your livestock produce. If you have endurance to spare, use it on gathering items in the woods or forest around your farm then sell them at the market for some easy money. Use the money wisely to buy land, crops and livestock. Do be careful, if you overspend you might not be able to pay taxes and your bills, it would be disastrous for your farm. Do not hesitate to consult the rest of the manual for detailed information. Enjoy the game!

A list things you should not do in the beginning of the game, buy new land and extra livestock other than chickens or even rabbits, hire employees, overspend because you have bills and taxes to pay. Check your finances to see how much taxes you will need to pay, bulldoze your Storage Silo, without it you will not be able to harvest or collect eggs, milk, etc ...

Tips When you start the game, your farm has a newbie protection for 48 turns. Wild Animals, Parasites, Fungus, Pests and Sickness will not appear until the end of this period. So pesticides, fungicides and vaccinations are not necessary during this time. Livestock start with a very low quality and thus is not very profitable at the beginning. Building the quality of your livestock is a long process however the rewards are generous when they reach the highest quality. Crops on the other hand, begin with the highest quality and are quite profitable at the start if they are well taken care of. So it is wise to concentrate on crops and do a little experiment with the chickens. There is a Restart option available in the Options Page. Use it if you think you messed up your farm.