Farm Ranking

Total Total Farm Score = Total Fame Score + Total Livestock Score + Total Upgrades Score + Total Tool Score + Total Buildings Score + Total Agriculture Score + Total Stock Score + Total Trophy Score + Total Pollution Score
Fame Total Fame Score = Farm fame x 10
Livestock Scores per animal: +5 per chicken, +7 per rabbit, +15 per pig, sheep or goat, +30 per cow or horse
Scores and quality: Livestock average quality x number of animals in barn or coop

Total Livestock Score = Scores and quality + Scores per animal
Upgrades Total Upgrades Score = Sum of Upgrade level squared x 10

example: you have a chicken coop with one level in size, two levels in heating, one level in equipment and two levels in protection

Total Upgrades Score = 1^2*10+2^2*10+1^2*10+2^2*10 = 100 points
Tools Total Tool Score = Sum of all square rooted tool purchase value
Buildings Total Buildings Score = Number of buildings x 25
Agriculture Total Agriculture Score = Sum of agricultural quality with lost expectancy deducted
Stock Total Stock Score = Sum of all produce value
maturing produce's max value used
Trophy Score from Hunting and Fishing = Sum of all trophy value
Score from challenges = Sum of all trophy value x 10
Total Trophy Score = Score from Hunting and Fishing + Score from Challenges
Pollution Total Pollution Score = Total Pollution x -10

Cooperative Ranking

Cooperative Score = Total Fame + Current Funds/10 + Missions Done x 100 + Challenges Won x 50 + Sum of value of the Awards Redeemed + Upgrades Level Squared x 500